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Low-profile Cargo Rack
Made in USA

The original one-piece aluminum cargo carrier. The Widefoot CargoMount™ allows you to securely strap down a variety of bottles, smaller bags, and cylindrical objects to your bike frame or fork. Made of sturdy and lightweight aluminum, and available in Silver Anodized or Black, Orange, Purple, and Blue Coated finishes. Our unique 7-slot configuration allows you to fine tune your installation at multiple positions on frames and forks with three-bolt mounting systems. Weighing just 68g, it’s among the lightest cargo cages on the market.

Choose your CargoMount color, and optional pair of Voile Straps below.

For more information on installation and use, see Description below, and Voile Straps page.

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Installation and Use:
1. Install by bolting onto sets of three mounting bosses.
2. Use hose clamps and other non-bolt methods at your own risk.
3. Thread two straps through, then around the outside of the CargoMount.
4. Wrap straps around your cargo, and securely fasten according to your straps instructions. Keep loose ends away from moving parts.

Mounting hardware is not included. Installation by a professional bicycle mechanic is recommended. Consult with your bicycle manufacturer if you have questions about compatibility with your bike frame or fork. Use of two straps is recommended. Always ensure your CargoMount, straps, and cargo are securely fastened and not interfering with moving parts before riding.

103 reviews for CargoMount

  1. Jeremy S.

    These are fantastic, lightweight but stout, small footprint but holds about anything. High quality product.

  2. Ben Ko

    The perfect small gear/Nalgene/toolkit platform for braze ons. Currently ordering a second for my fork!

  3. Aaron

    Arrived clean and mount sturdy. Loads of adjustment option. I was worried the small sized base support wouldn’t do much, but it holds my 64oz klean kanteen solid. I also got the 20” straps and they are a bit too long by 6” around these water bottles.

  4. martin m.

    Great quality product

  5. Cory G.

    Received mine about 2 weeks ago and I’ve been loving it! It has a much smaller profile (the base and width, but not height) than the Sala anything cage which I really like. Weight wise it’s on par with the anything cage. The bolt options it has are much better than the anything cage and the strap holes are also better in my opinion.

  6. Rodney B.

    Exactly as advertised, great addition to my bike

  7. Albert

    Excellent quality; very durable

  8. Antonin

    Perfect idea! It exceeded my expectations.

  9. Mark B.

    Solid product with so many mounting & strapping options

  10. Star C.

    I purchased two of these in orange for my Niner RLT 9 RDO. They are pricy but worth it. They are the perfect size to be useful when loaded but not in the way when unloaded, so there is no need to remove them from the forks when not in use. They are versatile enough that I will likely pick up a couple more to replace the bottle cages. The only thing that is slightly disappointing is that the new orange does not seem to be as vibrant as the old orange.

  11. Clint G.

    I love the adjustability of this mount as it allows me to carry a large Z box w/o any wheel interference on a medium sized frame. The voile straps securely kept the “cargo” in place, even on the gnarliest and chunkiest of terrains.

  12. Spencer J.

    A high quality accessory!

  13. John F.

    Simple to install-sturdy and well built. Works as well as the Duzer said it does! Off on an adventure!😃

  14. Nathan O.

    Wow! The CargoMount is an amazing product. Great quality and super rigid! I love the flexibility it provides for mounting location and height.

    I ordered two units and will place another order for more!

  15. Alain Luna

    Gorgeous! Literally the best purchase of 2021! Fits like cinderllas shoe

  16. Kevin M.

    Previously I had another brand anything carrier. The quality and look of the Widefoot Cargo Mount is way better. It feels well made, strong and lightweight. I definitely would recommend it!

  17. John D.

    Simple, sturdy made in the USA cargo carrier. Perfection.

  18. Ishmael

    Very well made

  19. Zachary H.

    Exactly what I was looking for. Simple, easily adaptable frame for Bikepacking.

  20. Anonymous

    2 mounts are better than 1

  21. Skyelar H.

    super light, they seem incredibly strong. came with 3 straps instead of 2, which is awesome! bang for the buck. excited to put these to the test.

  22. Scott S.

    Love the cargo mount, the multiple mounting holes allow enough vertical adjustment to mount anywhere my bike. (*Wish list* feature)

  23. Brian

    Extremely well made anything cage that I bought for bike packing. Easy and fast shipping, all ready have purchased a few thing from them, made in the USA!

  24. Daniel C.

    Perfect for what I was looking for, a spot that can hold more then just a water bottle if need with cargo straps.

  25. Mark Paigen

    Clean design, well made, simple strong and light. A Nalgene bottle mounted underneath my downtube is too wide for my 2x setup, but narrower bottles and bags work great.

  26. Worapong S.

    Super lightweight and strong

  27. joel

    To be totally honest I thought it would be larger, but that’s completely irrelevant because it holds a 48oz water bottle like a cheetah wraps up a gazelle. It’s never coming off my bike, it’s perfect.

  28. Chris

    Outstanding workmanship and style!!

  29. Jim Williams

    What a finely crafted and well designed addition to my Salsa Journeyman! The material is top shelf and the versatile applications to carry cargo or oversize bottles is endless. The Voile straps with Widefoot logos is a cool touch. These things make me want to find reasons to strap things to them.

  30. John S.

    Very Versatile and Easy to Use

  31. Jose Ocampo

    The quality and looks of the product is superb. Cant wait to try it out

  32. Mike Hayes

    So far so good. Mounted up nice and hold a dry bag

  33. Marcin Sykut

    The best cargo mount in the industry. Light , durable , fits all sizes of bottles, working perfect with straps. Pricy but good.

  34. Nick Parent

    Awesome carrier device. Seems like has strongest construction of what i’ve seen, and the modular design definitely lends some rigidity. Can mount it high or low to help balance weight to terrain, all around does what it should.

  35. Brett G.

    Not much to say, except the Cargo Mount is the best, all purpose carrying solution (especially for fork legs) out there. It is bomber, made in the USA, and has the happy side benefit of being quite light. You can lash anything to them (if you are creative enough). They are an indispensable piece of gear that you simply can forget about. Bravo! Looking forward to some of the other products that are on your secret drawing board…

  36. Austin

    High quality, perfect for application, made in USA

  37. jason lytle

    Stoked how light this thing is…cant wait to use it

  38. Richard

    Very lightweight. Excellent construction. Quite versatile. I use it to carry a 1.5 liter Nalgene type bottle with a neoprene insulation sleeve.

  39. Jose C.

    Perfect for my carrying needs!

  40. Robert M.

    A little pricing, but a very high quality, light weight, and versatile product that will last a very long time. From a consumer’s perspective, seems to me it should be closer to, maybe a little more, than the LiterCage. The newer model has many extra slots for securing the mount to one’s bike, and I am finding that very handy as I outfit my bike and start experiencing placement conflicts with competing parts. I think the sizing of CargoMount is great, but the curiosity in me keeps wondering what would happen if there were a slightly larger model or perhaps one with a larger foot base? But then again, the simplicity of this product is much of its beauty, so why change on perfection, eh?

  41. Brian

    Strong, beautiful. and greatly useful

  42. Andrew Baxter

    Super simple, clean build. Amazingly light. Exactly what I was looking for!

  43. Victor Burlingame

    well made, rigid, and extremely light. This little cage holds my small dry bag and Nalgene bottle very securely. will definitely put on my other bikes now

  44. Anonymous

    Nice items

  45. Jesse Peterson

    Perfect for my Pivot LES fork, thank you!

  46. Scott Beam

    seems great quality. free straps are a great bonus. shipped super fast and packed like it’s an apple product. well done!

  47. Anonymous

    Construction and strength of design is perfect.

  48. David G.

    simply the best cargo cages in town. more low-profile than other options, so they don’t run into things when not in use. and the look great!

  49. Anonymous

    This is my second purchase. Had to get 1 more. Look great and lightweight.

  50. Mohammad El kdaim

    lightweight, well made and low profile than other cargo cages. holds my 5 litre dry bag very securely.

  51. Matthew

    These things are very well made and sized perfectly. They are now a permanent addition to my bike.

  52. Chris P.

    A great product, not cheap but high quality, great design, light and very well made, Fitted perfectly to my fork within a couple of minutes. Delivery was made within a couple of days of the order being placed (delivery to Europe).

  53. Brian

    Ordered three and just put them on my bike. I’m impressed by the quality and lightweight design. Also love that they are manufactured in the United States. I look forward to putting them to the test on my many planned post-COVID adventures.

  54. Patrick

    great for holding a 32 oz nalgene in all conditions and much smaller profile then a cage when you don’t have a bottle attached. slightly more inconvenient for quick drinks but I have two of these on my bike now

  55. Anonymous

    Fits anything!

  56. Roland M.

    Of all of the “anything type” cages/mounts on the market these are the most lightweight, lowest profile, and functional I have found. Wether a rig for Baja, TransUganda, or just your local bikepack trips – these are the bet mounts out there!

  57. Michael Loftesnes

    easy to mount with multiple adjustment choices. foot was shallower than expected, but i rode last night for 2 hours on washboard singletrack and 2L bag mounted on fork did not move in mount.

  58. Jason B.

    Absolutely awesome cargo mounts. I’ve initially been using them to carry 40 oz Klean Kanteens but they are super versatile and I’m sure I’ll find many other uses. Great product and I love that mint color.

  59. Carlo Serafini

    Will be nice if the lower base was bigger.

  60. Juan Ruiz

    Love the build quality and size of the CargoMount. I am planning on buying a LiterCage to go with it.

  61. Patrick C.

    I love this product. I’ve tried anything cages from other companies any while they get the job done, they’re bulky when not loaded up. But these Widefoot cages are sturdy when loaded and low profile when not… it’s a lovely combo in such an attractive package.

  62. Jonathan Hurst

    Nicely made cargo cage with a good design. Even after seeing the pictures before purchase, I was surprised how small it is. It’s about half the size of my Versacage. Not necessarily a complaint, just something I didn’t expect. It also weighs about half as much. I think for many applications this will be the better cage, unless a huge cage is needed. The cage by itself I feel is a bit overpriced. I bought it with straps which makes it a better deal.

  63. Sean K.

    Tough piece of kit, but pricey. I paid $260 CAD with exchange and shipping for 3 of these. No regrets though, they really are the sh*t.

  64. Derek G.

    Superior quality, excellent mount

  65. Lisa

    A present for my daughter, she loves it!!

  66. Maryanna Brown

    Amazing color and works great with my fork bags.

  67. Carlos T.

    Grate bottle cages, awesome fit and finish with low profile fit and good color selection. Will definitely be buying a few more. Super fast shipping. A+ product.

  68. Anonymous

    This, pair with hydro flask bottle is dope

  69. Robbie

    Great product! Performs as well as I hoped and bonus points for receiving my order very quickly after purchasing. On a Friday, even during the postal nightmare happening now! Just in time for an adventure!

  70. Ken S.

    I mean, we all know Voile straps are dope and having something to tie-on to while keeping whatever I’m strapping on off of my frame is awesome!

  71. Anonymous

    Perfect size for up to my 64oz Klean Kanteen or my small cargo bags.

  72. Karl

    (Silver Cargo Mount) Great product and shipped \ delivered very quickly. Holds my 64oz Hydro Flask with no issue on gravel \ trails \ road. I guess this should be obvious but I have to undo the straps to get the bottle out. As others have said, without something mounted to it you practically forget it’s there. Definitely has a high end look and feel to it.

  73. Tyler S.

    Super sick cargo mount! Slim, low weight, and low profile design makes these perfect.

  74. ron bell

    Lightweight in a good design built well. Look great mounted on my Cutthroat forks – Ready to Go! Only thing missing is the mounting bolts. Add those and it’s a 6 Star Rating.

  75. Matthew

    This is great.My 32oz Hydro Flask fits on it perfect. Nice and secure. Very happy. Would definitely recommend.

  76. Anonymous

    Nice product and very quick to ship. These will make a nice addition to my bike pack rig.

  77. James W.

    This rack is bad @ss

  78. Daniel Feinberg

    Versatile and amazing

  79. Travis

    Great versatile bottle cage. Run these with a single quality Velcro strap wrapped around the frame and holds fine!

  80. Robert Schorr

    Excellent, well built option for carrying stuff for a long haul.

  81. Christopher Johnson

    Thus far I’ve used it in town mostly. Not yet taken it on any highly rigorous outings. Handled a 64oz growler on the bottom tube just fine. Will buy a few more for bikepacking

  82. Travis T.

    Solid light weight cage.

  83. Sean

    Beautiful, minimal and adds a great technical look to your bike.

  84. Randall B.

    Well built and a quality product. Fast delivery.

  85. Olivia

    Love the low profile, light weight and of course the colors!

  86. L. Allen

    Great design and color (orange) which matches nicely with my orange Hope hubs on my Jones (LWB). Intend to have at least three to place on fork and bottom of down tube. Awesome value for this product!

  87. Thomas D.

    Lightweight and versatile

  88. Marissa W.

    Perfect fit on my Karate Monkey fork and keep my water/camp stove/stuff sacks secure with voile straps!

  89. JOHN C.

    Very awesome. Lighter and better/easier noun big compared to other cages. Wish the orange powder coat was a little brighter and they offered this in additional colors, but design is superb. Will be buying again.

  90. Craig Hertz

    I bought 2 cargo mounts for my 2019 Kona Sutra LTD, which had a 3 bolt fork mount, except with 1 of the bolts a cm off from a standard 3 bolt mount. No other cage on the market would fit this pattern, except for the Widefoot Cargo Mount! I’m really psyched with them. Great color options and super rugged. Fits my camp stove/pot, or my Hydroflask. The only thing I would change is offering orange and lime green Voile strap options. 😉

  91. Chad M.

    Great mount! High quality finish. Super sturdy. Flexible mounting options to secure to frame/fork as needed. I will recommend to friends and probably purchase more.

  92. Joe Salas

    I’ve been running a pair of these on the rear rack in my commuter/adventure rig and honestly, I have used them to carry everything from 64oz Kleen Kanteens to large bottles of tea and other cylindrical items from the store. They honestly work wonders and without the straps, I forget they are on the rear rack most times.

  93. Paul Albertson

    Very happy with my purchase. The Cargomount fit perfectly on a set of Surly Bridgeclub forks, and without issue.
    Bombproof one piece construction that you would need to try pretty hard to break.
    In all, a pretty hard item to knock.

  94. Michael

    The cargo mount is very strong and the perfect size for your fork or down tube. Nalgene 32 or 48 oz. bottles fit perfectly. It’s sleek design Allows you to leave the mount on when not in use.

  95. Anonymous

    These are well made cages that work great and make my bike look awesome!

  96. Benjamin Darin

    I love it! This thing is super light and rock solid. I tested it out with a glass bottle of gin first and with the included voile straps, it was unshakable. I think the most valuable detail to me is the ability to thread the excess of the strap back through the slots super cleanly when carrying something smaller. I only bought one to test it first and certainly plan on picking up one more for my other fork blade!

  97. David T.

    These fork cages are very minimalist and work very well on my Salsa Vaya. I strap Revelate bags to these and they work well.

  98. Noah Kirchner

    Love these little gems! Small enough to not get in the way unloaded, yet strong enough for your most challenging loads. They have perfect bends to cradle bottles or cargo bags without fear of jetisoning over the worst terrain. Worth every penny!

  99. Alex Klimek

    Why rock a pannier when you can mount your sleeping bag and tent on your fork??? Love going rackless and pannierless! Great product

  100. Shaun

    So much sturdier and lower profile than other “cargo cages” I’ve tried. Stays out of the way when not loaded with gear. Fantastic product.

  101. Cory

    The CargoMount is absolutely awesome compared to the other options out there. Right out of the box, you can tell that its a bombproof piece of hardware for your touring rig! I installed CargoMounts on my fork to carry the tall/silo (1.5L) Nalgene Bottles. Once you get the Voile Straps (Two are included with CargoMount) threaded through the slots, you can just about strap anything to it! I just got back from a 5 day gravel/bikepack trip through Western Montana and my bottles never moved a single inch after I strapped them in. They also stayed nice and quite! I can’t recommend these enough! I also have the WideFoot Liter Cages for another bike – they are also awesome.

    Cheers and Happy Riding!


  102. Paulo LaBerge

    I purchased a CargoMount to mount a large waterbottle (64oz) onto the bottom of my bike’s downtube. I am quite impressed with this mount – it is very lightweight, tough as nails, and nicely designed to keep a large bottle stable when secured on with straps. The compact size is also great – I can leave the mount on while using the bike for general trail riding. I will be ordering a second for myself since I gave mine to my partner to use because she also really likes it too!

  103. Sam

    Bought a pair of these cargo mounts for the fork on my surly karate monkey, and they’re great at carrying every size of bottle I’ve tested them with. The holes allow lots of adjustment and the slots hold the straps when I’m not carrying stuff. A well designed product!

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