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Stainless Steel Cage for Large Bottles
Made in USA

The LiterCage allows you to carry your favorite water bottle on your bike. Compatible with a variety of 3.5″ diameter bottles including those made by Nalgene and other top brands. Our unique 7-slot mounting bracket allows attachment at multiple positions on frames and forks with two-bolt, or three-bolt mounting systems. Durable stainless steel construction provides a corrosion-resistant finish and secure hold. Choose from four finishes: Polished Stainless, Black, Mint, or Purple. As with any type of coating, our colored options will have some wear over time in locations where bottles contact the cage.

For more information on installation and use, see Description below.
A list of compatible bottles is available in the LiterCage Fit Guide.


Fall Inventory Update:

  • Polished, Mint, and Purple LiterCages are back in stock
  • Black LiterCages should be ready early November

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LiterCage Diagram showing mounting options and Nalgene Bottle
Installation and Use:
1. Install by bolting onto sets of two or three mounting bosses to carry bottles that are approximately 3.5″ (89mm) in diameter.
2. Use hose clamps and other non-bolt methods at your own risk.
3. Taller or heavier bottles, rougher terrain, or non-upright installation may warrant the use of a strap.

Mounting hardware, bottles, and straps are not included. Installation by a professional bicycle mechanic is recommended. Consult with your bicycle manufacturer if you have questions about compatibility with your bike frame or fork. Always ensure your cage and bottle are secure before riding, and keep loose ends away from moving parts.

106 reviews for LiterCage

  1. Robert V.

    Exactly what I wanted.

  2. Anonymous

    Perfect bottle cage for large water bottles. It fits my 40oz Hydroflask with no problems and is very secure. Since I’m on pavement, I don’t feel I need to secure it with a strap. If I were on dirt, I’d probably use the strap for the bigger water bottle. It’s great to carry my water on the bike and not on my back!

  3. John

    The widefoot liter cage is well done, materials, design, execution. The state/regional parks where I live turned off all the water due to COVID so you have to ride self-contained…the liter cage helped solved that problem.

  4. Anonymous

    very secure and well made.

  5. Christopher C.

    Exactly as advertised. Fits my nalgene bottle without any fuss or rattling. Great product!

  6. Thomas Fish

    Works great!

  7. Gregory

    holds my nalgene bottle securely, looks grest

  8. Gregory

    Sturdy. Well made. Holds my 1.5 liter Nalgene snuggly

  9. Joshua L.

    A well made product from the U.S.A. backed by great customer service.

  10. sean m.

    solid construction and and a good grip on the bottle

  11. Mark C.

    Getting this cage was the move 100%! My commuter has never felt more complete. HIGHLY recommend this.

  12. Benjamin P.

    This thing is perfect! Fits snug in the triangle of my fat bike frame and allows me to nearly double my previous water capacity. Hydrate or Diedrate!

  13. Colby W.

    Love it!

  14. Anonymous

    Very nice and sturdy. Not just an oversized cage, but a well thought out system that allows for adjusting exactly how high or low it mounts on the bike. Holds a 1L nalgene perfectly and I’m sure it would be fine for the larger bottles too.

  15. Patrick C.

    Knocked it out of the park with this one.

  16. Kevin B.

    I like this cage, you probably will too.

  17. Jonathan Hurst

    This cage grip a Nalgene bottle very firmly, doesn’t rattle or move at all. Even on very rough terrain, I do not think an extra strap would be needed, except maybe for the tall 48 oz bottles. Even with the tall bottles, this cage is plenty tall to hold them well. I have a cage from a different manufacturer that holds Nalgene bottles (it’s the only other one I’ve found) and I prefer this LiterCage.

  18. Anna Sullivan

    I ordered this cage in mint so I could store my 32 oz Nalgene in my frame. I have a size 51 frame for reference, and I can fit it and a standard bottle cage shifted up to to the higher set of bolts on the downtube. We
    I would say the color is more of a sea foam, still on the yellower green side, bit with a bit of grey. Very cool color.
    I haven’t gotten to test the cage on gravel yet, just road riding, but it seems secure so far with the standard 32 oz. I was originally going to choose a cargo style cage and use a strap, but I am glad I went with this style instead.
    I’ve been trying to strap my Nalgene anywhere it could fit on my bike before. It’s been so nice to be able to store that weight low in my frame and not worry about it rattling around or working loose.
    Love it so far, looking forward to seeing how it holds up!

  19. Luke

    Very solid and holds both my nalgenes and thermoflasks extremely well.

  20. Maryanna Brown

    Loved the purple color and brilliant to be able to carry a Nalgene!

  21. Elijah

    Been riding for 20 years, and I’m so I glad I found this,, I now have four on my surly big easy😊

  22. Alex W.

    Fits great! No rattling! The purple goes well with, but not a perfect match, my purple salsa journeyman.

  23. Harrison B.

    Widefoot saw an annoying gap in the bottle cage market and filled it. No longer do you have to sacrifice volume for compatibility, and no longer are you restricted to bottles with those stupid sport lids that you have to wipe off whenever you’re riding on wet or muddy roads. The Liter Cage makes it easy to ride longer hauls with a real, substantial water bottle in reach. Thanks Widefoot!

  24. Zachary

    the standard for nalgene size bottle cages

  25. Alex

    make it $20 and we will all be much happier! essential item for bikepacking!

  26. Josh

    This is a really nice bottle cage.

  27. Renae

    Easy install and it holds my nalgene!! Was looking for something like this for the longest and I’m so glad I finally found it!

  28. Santos A.

    I love it! It fits my 40oz Hydroflask bottle like a dream. The bottle might be overkill, but the cage is perfect!

  29. Jorge Liwanag


  30. Anonymous

    Well made in the USA and holds bottles surprisingly snugly

  31. Justin Rodriguez


  32. Ken S.

    Fits a Nalgene nice and snug and looks good with my Wolf Tooth x King Cage cages.

  33. Nathanael Haggard

    Honestly great. It’s like bowling using a Slip ‘N Slide with pins the size of sequoia trees. Guaranteed success. It’s simple and worth the money as it helps me save space in my bag by allowing me to mount my Nalgene to the bike.

  34. Joshua

    Didn’t work with my down tube bolts, since the bottle hits the front big chain ring. Besides that, a wonderful way for me to carry around my Hydroflask!

  35. Garrett

    Great product from a great local company!

  36. KATRINA F.

    Works great! I hose clamped it to my mobile desk at work… perfect hydration, all the time.

  37. Theodore B.

    It fit my 32 ounce widemouth Nalgene bottles perfectly. It was easy to replace the cages already on my bicycle.

  38. Charles L.

    An extremely well made cage at a decent price.

  39. Amir

    I’m super satisfied with this cage mount. I’ve taken it on single track rides and long gravel rides and it holds up and my bottle didn’t fall out. Definitely recommend!!

  40. James W.

    Fits perfectly

  41. Derek

    As an avid Nalgene lover, this finally completes my bike! Thank you!

  42. Anonymous

    Beautifully made, a bit clunky to look at, with enough mounting holes to position them when normal bottle distributions on bike frames would not permit two to be mounted, these are the perfect solutions to those of us looking to carry more fluids, to avoid the plastic taste of sun-heated, soft-sided water bottles, or both.

  43. Daniel Feinberg

    great product

  44. Nathaniel

    Came in great condition, and worked perfectly on my first ride with it!

  45. Lucas F.

    I love carrying around my 48oz nalgene! For years I did my long rides with multiple mounted bottle cages or sweaty camelbacks. The widefoot lets me bring all my water and still have space for my other gear. My next question is this: how many of these cages can I fit on my bike? Stay tuned!

  46. jay

    love this cage and it came super fast.

  47. Donald

    Just what I needed. Holds my 32oz hydroflask perfectly! Thanks

  48. B Griffin

    If I could give Widefoot a million stars I would. This cage is PERFECT. It holds my nalgene like a glove and installing was easy peasy. My order was processed and shipped the same day, and delivered within 4 days of ordering. So timely, so professional. I am please beyond measure!

  49. Robert Schorr

    Perfect cage for my gravel bike when I want to carry more water and not have to worry about a backpack.

  50. Christopher C.

    I live in the desert and carrying enough water is crucial on those 100+ degree days. The liter cage enables me to comfortably carry more water. Its a robust cage that holds my Nalgene snug. I definitely recommend to anyone considering buying this as it’s sure to last a long, long time.

  51. Ben Etter

    awesome quality and customer service! Made in the USA

  52. Zachary Smith

    I love it!!

  53. Alyssa M.

    Great quality, perfect fit for my Nalgene bottles!

  54. George

    Great customer service. Very satisfied and highly recommended!

  55. Emily

    Fits a Hydro flask perfectly!!! Love it! Super fast delivery too!

  56. Ray

    Fits my SodaStream bottle perfectly

  57. Colleen

    It’s the type of oversized bottle cage I was looking for to hold my Nalgene bottle on my down tube. Holds up well to gravel roads, though I’m purchasing the strap to help keep it secure.

  58. Anonymous

    So stoked to receive my liter cage. Well built, well painted and super cool! Love having my nalgene with me.

  59. Katherine

    I usually don’t leave reviews, but this is the best water bottle cage I’ve ever had. Definitely worth the money compared to the cheap ones you can get on amazon. I needed a cage that could hold my JBL Charge 4 speaker and it holds it in place perfectly. I also tried it with my liter water bottle and there’s no movement at all, it’s sturdy, and adjustable too if you need to place something a little wider in there. Great product.

  60. Arin

    Great holder! I use it for a Fifty/Fifty 34oz with a silicone boot, it all fits, and stays completely in place. I bought a strap for it initially, but wound up not needing it. With the boot in you can’t exactly drink quickly, but even without the boot that bottle is going *nowhere.*

  61. Anonymous

    Great product. My 32oz Nalgene fits securely!

  62. Spencer Bittle

    Fits my nalgene perfectly!

  63. James

    Fits my Nalgene and Hydroflasks like a glove! Plus it looks sleek! LOVE IT!!

  64. Amanda

    My 32oz hydro flask fits perfectly with no rattling! Looking forward to riding in the summer with an ice-cold insulated drink. Definitely recommend.

  65. oliver c.

    i use them primarily for bikepacking. i purchased two widemouth cages several weeks ago and have been using a 48 plastic and 32oz stainless steel nalgene bottle with them. they are definitely heavy ) a different reviewer commented that they were about one pound each, that seems about right, however i haven’t weighed them). having said that, they are very high quality, robust stainless steel. they hold the bottles firmly in place (i added a strap with the 48oz bottle) and haven’t had the 32oz bottle come close to exiting the cage with road chatter, or larger bumps. a friend ordered an alternative brand on amazon (forms a loop around the entire bottle, i don’t like it nearly as much, the action isn’t nearly as smooth either). there are several holes offering multiple mounting options, enough that you can comfortably mount two in the traditional manner under the seat on the vertical and diagonal tubes (i greatly appreciated this). i’d definitely recommend without reservation, this is a quality product.

  66. Adam K.

    Awesome bottle cage. It was rock solid holding my 40oz Klean Kanteen flying down rocky descents, and completely silent despite the bumpy terrain.

  67. James

    You get what you pay for. Purchased two, great service, all good.

  68. Andrew M.

    Super well made and you can tell they take pride making their products.

  69. Rex

    Very pleased with this over-sized cage. Definitely the best of the few brands that I’ve tried. Works on two-bolt or three-pack bosses. The strap retaining slots at the back are especially convenient. You can firmly strap your bottle, then tuck the floppy voile strap end neatly away. It’s great.

  70. Eric U.

    So far so good! holds my 48 oz nalgene on the downtube. I do use a voile strap to help hold the weight since it is hanging below the downtube. Seems heavy duty and that’s what i was hoping for!

  71. Chris Parsow

    Classic bottle cage design but sturdier, more adjustable and made in the USA. Highly recommend!

  72. Mike D

    Solid & sturdy!! Exactly what I needed for quick access to my water bottle on bike rides.

  73. Alex Goff

    Sturdy holder using my 32 oz Hydro Flask. Didn’t realize they had colors as well, neat product.

  74. Alex

    Holds a nalgene super tight. I have a lot of confidence in the construction. An elegant and simple solution. My favorite.

  75. Rasa

    I have been extremely satisfied with this bottle cage. I bolted it to my steel touring bike and, this summer, I rode across the US some 4600 miles with a 1.5 L nalgene bottle nestled in it. The trail took me through some bumpy downhills and not once did my water bottle fall out of its cage. I never even had to bend it to tighten the grip on the bottle. Even now it looks brand new. I am extremely happy I found and bought this bottle cage. Perfect! I would definitely recommend it as a quality bike accessory for easily carrying more water when needed.

  76. Daniel

    Don’t go anywhere without my giant Nalgene, now it gets to go riding with me too!
    Great construction on the bottle cage.
    Was a bit worried the weight of a full 48oz Nalgene would be too much, but it holds nicely.
    Still use a black strap to keep it tight though, just in case.
    Awesome customer service also.

  77. sandor

    Feels solid. Holds the bottle well. I may be spoiled by titanium many things cages but when I pulled this out of the box I was a little wide-eyed by how heavy it felt. I know that there’s a weight-strength tradeoff but honestly I’ve been caring a bit more about the weight of my rig in my old age. Two of these adds 3/4 of a pound to my frame!

  78. Bryce

    Badass cage. Build quality is amazing, clean welds (props to whoever welds these up!), holds my nalgene nice and strong. Gonna buy another soon!

  79. Chris

    This thing is awesome! It’s amazingly hard to find water bottle cages for nalgenes and this does just the trick. I hold my 1.5 liter bottle on rides and it’s a perfect fit, I do think the price point is a bit steep, but the construction is top notch. Will be using it on a upcoming 4000 mile tour with confidence.

  80. Alex

    This cage looks like it was made with shred and stoke in mind. Holds my Nalgene perfectly secure as I bomb down singletrack on my rigid 27.5’er. Totally worth the price.

  81. Kyle

    I ordered this to be able to have a place to put my nalgene in my car, this thing is awesome, super build quality and holds snug!

  82. Jonathan Shodean

    Perfect for Commuting!
    I ride 35-45 miles every other day for school. I hated caring a nalgene in my bag. Now, thanks to Widefoot, I can carry it on my bike. Freaking amazing! This is the second cage I own and will be putting them on my other bikes as well. Very well built, easily adaptable to almost all bike frames, and freaking awesome customer service. I will be putting these through the ringer over the Christmas holiday as I go on a bike packing adventure through New Mexico. Practical and ascetically pleasing I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks Widefoot! You guys rule!!!

  83. Torre

    Made in the USA. Classic look. Stainless steel. Holds large bottles. Almost every other bottle carrier out there is crap compared to the LiterCage. I’ve got a single speed 29er because I like things big, simple and reliable…just like me. It holds my nalgene and hydro flask nice and tight. I mainly use the nalgene and it slips in and out well enough but still has enough tension that I can unscrew the lid while in the cage for one handed use while riding. Get one for every bike you have. If you have an older Jeep, mount one to your roll bar and have the best cup holder around. Seriously, stop reading this now and order one. The sticker is an awesome bonus to.

  84. kurt

    My girlfriend and I used these on the very rugged Baja. Never lost a bottle (40z Kleen Kanteen and Nalgene) and didn’t even use any additional straps to hold them down. Great design. Rugged and lightweight!

  85. Rachel

    Love it! I had been looking for something that was large enough to hold a Nalgene and the Liter Cage has far surpassed what I wanted. It’s so nice to not have a water bottle awkwardly clipped to the handle bars of my bike. Very sturdy design, super easy to mount, fast FREE shipping and made in the USA! Thanks for the sticker too! Nothing else needs to be said. Get one!!

  86. Nolan

    First ride today with the new cage!! I love this thing. I was worried it might feel bulky, and maybe hard to forget during my ride. I was dead wrong! It held my nalgene snug the whole ride! This thing is seriously a steal for 25 bucks!! Made in the USA, Free (stupid fast) shipping, and a killer design… can’t go wrong! Thanks widefoot!!

  87. Joe

    Love this thing! Was looking for a larger bottle cage to carry more water on my bike. So far the Widefoot is working out great. Also love the fact it is American made, and free fast shipping sealed the deal. Stoked!

  88. Barbara

    Finally! A cage that fits my Nalgene 3.5″ bottle! One minor suggestion for an improvement — I have a slightly smaller bottle (an Aquabot spray bottle) that is 2.75″ diameter, too big for most cages but too small for this. My husband squished the widefoot in a bit so it will work; otherwise, it falls out the bottom of the cage. So, add some sides near the base that come up an inch or two, just curved pieces around the sides near the bottom to keep bottles from falling out.

  89. Aaron

    Amazing cage. Easy to mount and use. Holds Nalgene bottle perfectly. Will be purchasing more.

  90. Ryan

    Does a great job of holding my Kleen Kanteen or my Nalgene securely on rough roads and trails. It can be a little tough to get the bottle into the cage but, maybe I just need practice. The cage is currently on the down tube of my size M Surly ECR. I’ll probably add two more to my forks for desert trips. Thanks Widefoot!

  91. David

    Super fast/free shipping! Perfect for my over sized stainless steel water bottle. You can even fit a 30 oz Yeti tumbler in this thing so it’s awesome. I give it 5 stars, although I do wish that it came in black also, because now i’m having to spray paint it myself which is inconvenient, yet easy fix. Other than that, superb quality, I definitely recommend!!

  92. Jason Brunotte

    I’m 100% a fan of these cages. I originally bought one because I was searching for a cage to hold my beloved red Nalgene bottle. What ended up happening was it worked so well that I found myself swapping the cage back and forth between my bikes which got old. So bought a second one for my other bike. I also got one for my friend because in my opinion good things are meant to be shared. These cages are solidly built, work perfectly with 1L Nalgene bottles and are superiorly priced. Great product, great price, wins all around. Get one or more for every bike you own. You won’t regret it!!! ✔??

  93. Robert

    Burly design. It held my Yeti 36oz (heavy at 20+ oz empty) bottle firmly on the road and in mild-moderate off-road conditions. I will eventually be putting it through its paces in the rough stuff (straps on stand-by if necessary).
    Great product for the bike packer/trekker!

  94. Chris

    Very solid and well made. Fits my bike perfectly and holds bottles securely. Does everything I wanted and looks very clean and simple while doing it. Also, I am happy they are made here in the USA.

  95. Jason

    Great product! The cage is strong and holds my nalgene bottle tightly and securely. Took it on a longer ride over mixed terrain with it’s share of bumps and my nalgene stayed in the cage perfectly: not even a hint of rattling or bouncing about. Love that these have the multiple attachment options the 5 bolt holes allow. Highly recommend these cages.

  96. Cody Forsythe

    Very stoked on my new Widefoot cage! It is sturdy enough to hold my 40oz Hydroflask. The multiple mounting holes allowed me to find the perfect placement on my frame. Thanks!

  97. John Goodman

    I am using it on my original Fargo, to boost the water frame-and-pack-carried to over 9 liters. So far, I like it allot. The 5 holes allowed me to position it lower on the tube so the 1L Nalgene could happen in between two other cages. Four stars instead of five because it has not been in the desert yet, just streets.

  98. Eric Schnieber

    This cage is amazing. The stainless steel is beautiful, well constructed, and compatible with all the BIG bottles I love.

  99. Josh

    I’m a satisfied customer. I believe the LiterCage will last a long time and I like the versatility of attachment options. Plus the stickers, packaging, speedy delivery were all a nice touch. Thanks widefoot! If you make a tee with the Sasquatch logo I’d be interested.

  100. David

    It was sure nice to have your bottle cages on my fat bike. One cage had my 40oz hydro flask filled with ice and water, and the other had a Nalgene bottle. When I drank all the water out of the hydro flask I refilled it with the water from the Nalgene bottle. It made my day of riding and hunting much more enjoyable having enough water to make it through the day. Thanks for a great product.

  101. Tim

    The liter cage is one of the best things I have bought for my bikes. I have one on my pugsley, deadwood, and a chumba. Solid construction, American made, and I can carry enough water for a texas summer ride. I highly recommend this cage.

  102. Yasser

    This thing owns! I got this in the mail and at first look I remember thinking, “there is no way my nalgene is going to fit in there”. But sure enough, no issues. Within 2 days of receiving and loading it up my buddy and I decided to take it on an overnight camping trip. BAM, perfect. It was so nice being able to carry my liter bottle down low and not waste bag space. Recommended for trail ripping and BikePacking.

  103. Bradley

    Listen up, this liter cage isn’t like those other goofy looking “over-sized” bottle cages! This thing is independently functional, no need for silly straps or sliding adjustments. This cage squeezes the life out of my Nalgene no matter how bumpy the ride. Curious about adjustability? As you have probably already seen, this cage has 5 holes for bolt attachment. (Spaced 1-1/4 inches apart) so depending on your bike frame you can fit 2 inside of your frame triangle with your standard bottle bosses. And the best part, it looks clean and works well!

    Great product that is bomb proof and fulfills its purpose while keeping your bike classy!

  104. Kyle

    Just got my LiterCage a couple weeks ago and man does it make a difference not having a full Nalgene awkwardly shoved in my backpack. This cage has some premium welds holding it together and I don’t have any worries of my bottle falling out even through some pretty rough riding. No question, worth the money.

  105. Brad Martinez

    I was lucky enough to get a couple of these cages earlier this summer for my wife and I and they are amazing. We used them all season and since the nice weather is still holding out in our part of the country I am still getting great use out of mine into December. They are exactly what I was looking for and make it super easy to carry a liter Nalgene bottle. The construction is solid and the retention is secure. This is a great product and well worth the investment.

    On top of that the customer service has been incredible. I worked with Hunter and he made me a customer for life.

  106. John

    Very sturdy design. Held my Nalgene bottle securely on its inaugural ride. This cage will also carry my Lafuma 600 sleeping bag. Liter Cage is currently riding a Surly Big Dummy.

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