Where are Widefoot products made?
All of our hardware is made in Nebraska, smack dab in the middle of the United States.

Do you offer any coupons, pro-deals, military discounts, etc.?
Sorry, we don’t have any formal discount programs.

Do any local bike shops carry Widefoot products?
Yes! Here is a list of shops stocking Widefoot products: Dealers

How can we carry your cages in my bike shop?
Email us at info@widefoot.com.

I live outside of the United States, can you ship to me?
Yes, we ship internationally. Email us at info@widefoot.com with the items you’d like to purchase and your postal code, and we will generate a shipping quote for you.

Can you make me a cage in a custom color?
Sorry, we only make three colors at a time, but we change these out annually!

Can Widefoot sponsor my bike event?
Send us some information about the event at info@widefoot.com.

Will my brand of water bottle fit in a LiterCage?
There’s a good chance it does! Check out our fit guide for more info: LiterCage Fit Guide

Is Widefoot on social media?
We primarily use instagram, give us a follow at @widefootusa.

Can you mail me some free stickers?
We sell a variety of stickers, and include a free sticker with every hardware purchase!