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A Better Bottle Cap
by Humangear

The capCAP+ makes using a widemouth water bottle even better. An ergonomic spout allows you to drink spill-free, with a rubberized cap that is easy to grip even with gloves on. The widemouth base works great with most widemouth Nalgene bottles. A flexible strap keeps the two caps tethered while drinking. The new CapKeeper holds the small top cap back when you drink. This combination of features allows you to clean, fill, drink from, and carry your bottle with ease.

Available in 3 Colors: Black, Blue, and Green


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  • BPA, polycarbonate, and phthalate-free food-safe polypropylene #5 plastic
  • Gaskets made from food-safe silicone
  • Weight: 1.4 oz. (39.7g)
  • Dishwasher-safe (top rack only)

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15 reviews for capCAP+

  1. Anonymous

    Perfect upgrade to the standard nalgene top – we have several at this point. Widefoot is one of the few non-amazon sources for them so happy to get it from them. Really enjoying my Widefoot cage as well.

  2. Ishmael

    Just what I expected

  3. Steve C.

    Very nice. Makes it easy to drink from a Nalgene and it keeps the mud off of the spout.

  4. Anonymous

    Game changer. Can’t believe I have gone this long without this cap.

  5. Richard

    Fits my 1.0 liter Nalgene bottle perfectly

  6. Dan

    Game changing. Ive been drinking out of nalgenes wrong for 25 years. I never thought I’d be over the moon about a bottle cap but this thing really is the best impulse buy/couple more bucks for free shipping trinket I’ve gotten and now I’m ordering more.

  7. Robert V.

    Perfect for my Nalgene bottle.

  8. Anonymous

    Fantastic! I’ve always preferred the narrow mouthed Nalgenes, but keep losing them. These make for easy filling and drinking. I’m going to buy more of them.

  9. Luke

    Very sturdy and makes it easier to drink from nalgenes while riding.

  10. Josh

    Smart lid.

  11. lc

    I love these caps and have ordered several. I recently discovered they fit on a wide mouth hydroflask as well as the nalgenes, so now I’m getting more.

  12. Charles L.

    Why didn’t I know about this product before? Awesome!

  13. Sean

    How do you make a great water bottle better? Add a great cap.

  14. oliver c.

    it’s better than a widemouth opening, however it would be nice if they incorporated more of a true biking water-bottle design, so when tipped over, water doesnt rush out. aside from that, like the cage, a very nice product.

  15. Jonathan Shodean

    Wow! This is an incredible accessory for your nalgene.
    I have used this for a couple of days on my commute to school and this is easy to open on your bike while pedaling.
    Mind you that I don’t have panniers on my bike yet, just a back pack, but I have had no trouble opening my water bottle while riding and using this product.
    I will be utilizing these on my bike packing adventure from Santa Fe to Las Cruces over the Christmas break. On the limited use that I have with these just on my commute, they seem to be very solid and easy to operate.

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