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Low-profile Cargo Rack
Made in USA

The CargoMount allows you to securely strap down a wide variety of bottles, bags, and cylindrical objects to your bike frame and fork. Made of sturdy and lightweight aluminum, and available in five finishes. Choose from Clear Anodized, or Powdercoated Black, Orange, Mint, or Purple. Our unique 7-slot configuration allows you to fine tune your installation at multiple positions on frames and forks with three-bolt mounting systems. Weighing just 71g, it’s among the lightest on the market.

Choose your CargoMount color, and optional pair of Voile Straps below.

For more information on installation and use, see Description below, and Voile Straps page.


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1. Install by bolting onto sets of three mounting bosses.
2. Use hose clamps and other non-bolt methods at your own risk.
3. Thread straps through, then around the outside of the CargoMount.
4. Wrap straps around your cargo, and securely fasten according to your straps instructions. Keep loose ends away from moving parts.
Mounting hardware is not included. Installation by a professional bicycle mechanic is recommended. CargoMounts are not recommended for use on carbon fiber or thin-walled aluminum frames, or carbon fiber forks. Consult with your bicycle manufacturer if you have questions about compatibility with your bike. Always ensure your CargoMount, straps, and cargo are securely fastened and not interfering with moving parts before riding.

9 reviews for CargoMount

  1. Anonymous

    These are well made cages that work great and make my bike look awesome!

  2. Benjamin Darin

    I love it! This thing is super light and rock solid. I tested it out with a glass bottle of gin first and with the included voile straps, it was unshakable. I think the most valuable detail to me is the ability to thread the excess of the strap back through the slots super cleanly when carrying something smaller. I only bought one to test it first and certainly plan on picking up one more for my other fork blade!

  3. David T.

    These fork cages are very minimalist and work very well on my Salsa Vaya. I strap Revelate bags to these and they work well.

  4. Noah Kirchner

    Love these little gems! Small enough to not get in the way unloaded, yet strong enough for your most challenging loads. They have perfect bends to cradle bottles or cargo bags without fear of jetisoning over the worst terrain. Worth every penny!

  5. Alex Klimek

    Why rock a pannier when you can mount your sleeping bag and tent on your fork??? Love going rackless and pannierless! Great product

  6. Shaun

    So much sturdier and lower profile than other “cargo cages” I’ve tried. Stays out of the way when not loaded with gear. Fantastic product.

  7. Cory

    The CargoMount is absolutely awesome compared to the other options out there. Right out of the box, you can tell that its a bombproof piece of hardware for your touring rig! I installed CargoMounts on my fork to carry the tall/silo (1.5L) Nalgene Bottles. Once you get the Voile Straps (Two are included with CargoMount) threaded through the slots, you can just about strap anything to it! I just got back from a 5 day gravel/bikepack trip through Western Montana and my bottles never moved a single inch after I strapped them in. They also stayed nice and quite! I can’t recommend these enough! I also have the WideFoot Liter Cages for another bike – they are also awesome.

    Cheers and Happy Riding!


  8. Paulo LaBerge

    I purchased a CargoMount to mount a large waterbottle (64oz) onto the bottom of my bike’s downtube. I am quite impressed with this mount – it is very lightweight, tough as nails, and nicely designed to keep a large bottle stable when secured on with straps. The compact size is also great – I can leave the mount on while using the bike for general trail riding. I will be ordering a second for myself since I gave mine to my partner to use because she also really likes it too!

  9. Sam

    Bought a pair of these cargo mounts for the fork on my surly karate monkey, and they’re great at carrying every size of bottle I’ve tested them with. The holes allow lots of adjustment and the slots hold the straps when I’m not carrying stuff. A well designed product!

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