Voile Straps

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The Original Gear Strap
Made in USA

Voile Straps will securely hold your cargo where you need it. Strap your gear to your frame, handlebars, rack, or seat rails, or add some extra grip to your current cage or pack. These straps have been used worldwide on ski and bikepacking expeditions, in garages, backyards, roof racks, and truck beds.

Voile Straps will outperform and outlive the nylon straps or bungee cords you’re currently using. High performance polyurethane makes these straps durable, UV and moisture resistant, and workable in cold conditions. The slim-profiled buckles are forged of heat-treated aluminum and are both durable and lightweight.

For more information on use, see Description below.

Available in three size and three color combinations


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To fasten:
1. Insert end of strap through buckle slot, with Widefoot logo facing out.
2. Pull back on strap to apply tension, then insert buckle prong into strap hole to secure. Keep loose ends away from moving parts.

18 reviews for Voile Straps

  1. Luke

    Perfect size for nalgenes!

  2. Josh

    love these straps

  3. Anonymous

    Great straps!

  4. Jeff

    Good product

  5. Charles L.

    Still the best strap you can buy

  6. Daniel Feinberg

    These are indispensable

  7. Ben Etter

    excellent product and customer service!

  8. Gabriel D.

    Great product for strapping in a shaky water bottle or other gear.

  9. Randall B.

    Exactly what was advertised and they were delivered quickly

  10. Charles C.

    Best bands around.

  11. Steven

    Strap game on point

  12. JOHN C.

    Works as advertised.

  13. Michael

    Perfect pairing at a very affordable price.

  14. Adam K.

    I use them all over the bike for everything from lashing tarp poles to my handlebar bag to extra security for water bottles on rough terrain.

  15. David T.

    Great straps and since I have wide feet, these are so much better since they say widefoot instead of voile!

  16. Shaun

    These straps are pretty much indestructible. Got two with my wide foot cargo mount and I keep finding new uses for them. Highly recommend!

  17. Ryan

    Great straps! They fit inside the loops on the back of my Brooks saddle. I use a pair just like them to strap my skis together.

  18. Chris Kneifl

    These things are so rad. I bought two to start out with and am going to purchase more, because they complement the liter cage so well. My Nalgene bottles fit in my liter cage just fine, but with the straps, I have no concerns about them slipping out if I’m on singletrack or rough terrain. They’re so durable and well made, that I can see them having a lot of other applications too.

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