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The Original Gear Strap
Made in USA

Voile Straps will securely hold your cargo where you need it. Strap down gear to your bike frame, handlebars, seat rails, or rack, or upgrade the existing straps on your cargo cage or pack. We’ve been carrying Widefoot-branded Voile straps since 2016, and they’ve become an essential part of our everyday kit. We’ve seen these straps used worldwide on ski trips and bikepacking expeditions, and for everyday uses from backyards to roof racks.

These straps will outperform and outlive the nylon webbing, straps, or cords you’re currently using. High performance polyurethane makes these straps durable, UV and moisture resistant, and workable in cold conditions. The slim-profiled buckles are forged of heat-treated aluminum and are both durable and lightweight.

For more information on use, see Description below.

Available in three sizes and four colors.


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To fasten:
1. Insert end of strap through buckle slot, with Widefoot logo facing out.
2. Pull back on strap to apply tension, then insert buckle prong into strap hole to secure. Keep loose ends away from moving parts.

64 reviews for Voile Straps

  1. Jeremy S.

    Can’t beat the fact they are made in USA

  2. Mark Dixon

    A good complimentary product that will work well retaining my stainless steel water bottle in my new Widefoot bottle cage.

  3. Joe

    Voile straps are useful in so many ways, I have used them to secure clothing and gear to my backpacks and bicycle panniers, which they excel at! My latest use for them was to secure the long tools laying on top of the trays in my truck tool box to the bottom side of the lid in conjunction with footman’s loops, they secure the tools perfectly. Another great thing about these versatile straps that I love is they are MADE IN AMERICA! I believe we should support American companies who produce their products here in the good ole USA.

  4. Mohamad Hasan

    Great durable American product.

  5. Johnny Wedekind

    Have many others. Will get more. Excellent product.

  6. Jared

    It’s a strap

  7. Ishmael Ennis

    Excellent, product, very handy
    Widefoot was very prompt and great to deal with.
    Widefoot has some neat useful items.

  8. Benjamin S.

    Can’t recommend these straps enough. Secure and a time saver when move cargo on and off mounts.

  9. Ishmael

    very tough holds great

  10. Brian Nelson

    OK so I didn’t want what I was getting into I bought the straps and receive them totally impressed by the quality and the pricing. This is Most impressive of equipment I have bought for cycling in a long time, I will be a lifetime customer of yours the product is that great

  11. Michael F.

    Straps are strong, very secure, and easy to use.

  12. Ronald R

    A little mix up with the order due to stocking issues but it was straightened out and the test rides have gone great. Can’t wait to get started on the GDMBR and put them to the real test.

  13. JACK

    Very nice!

  14. Anonymous

    tough as nails straps for multiple uses

  15. johnny w.

    awesome straps; I will be getting many more, and MADE IN UTAH, USA! Just how refreshing THAT is! Thank you, Utah people 🙂

  16. Scott S.

    A necessary accessory for rough terrain, holds bottle firmly. no launching !

  17. Anonymous

  18. JACK

    Glad I bought different lengths for different size items to secure. They work great with cages!

  19. Cynthia B.

    Ordered two lengths and love them both.

  20. Timothy M.

    Good colors

  21. Mike Hayes

    Very easy to use and hold well

  22. Anonymous

    Holds bottle.

  23. Gary L.

    Been using these for several years. So much more secure than nylon straps.

  24. Mike Hayes

    Excellent product. Hold my bottles and dry bags perfectly

  25. John S.


  26. Anonymous

    Works like it should!

  27. David P.

    Great customer service and speedy delivery.

  28. Mike

    Works great – exactly as I’d hoped!

  29. Tim

    Straps seem very secure
    Will be ordering more

  30. Ollie G.

    My favorite way to strap things down to the bike!!!

  31. jason lytle

    Suprisingly decent price for straps this tough

  32. Jose C.

    Very well made

  33. Anonymous

    Seems rugged, ties down easily.

  34. Anonymous

    Very sturdy

  35. Anonymous

    Strength and service reliability of these straps are exactly what I have searched for.

  36. Anonymous

    Great straps!

  37. Chris


  38. M.J.

    Great addition to my setup.

  39. Anonymous

    Great strap, easy to use, and holds things very securely.

  40. John

    Perfect for stabilizing a nalgene mounted w/a Widefoot liter cage.

  41. Hailey

    Seem like it serves its purpose – thanks.

  42. Anonymous

    easy to use and stable

  43. Thomas Fish

    As expected.

  44. sean m.

    voile straps with metal clips … what more can i say?

  45. Yoav H.

    super product for bikepacking

  46. Colby W.

    Keeping all my gear secure!

  47. Luke

    Perfect size for nalgenes!

  48. Josh

    love these straps

  49. Anonymous

    Great straps!

  50. Jeff

    Good product

  51. Charles L.

    Still the best strap you can buy

  52. Daniel Feinberg

    These are indispensable

  53. Ben Etter

    excellent product and customer service!

  54. Gabriel D.

    Great product for strapping in a shaky water bottle or other gear.

  55. Randall B.

    Exactly what was advertised and they were delivered quickly

  56. Charles C.

    Best bands around.

  57. Steven

    Strap game on point

  58. JOHN C.

    Works as advertised.

  59. Michael

    Perfect pairing at a very affordable price.

  60. Adam K.

    I use them all over the bike for everything from lashing tarp poles to my handlebar bag to extra security for water bottles on rough terrain.

  61. David T.

    Great straps and since I have wide feet, these are so much better since they say widefoot instead of voile!

  62. Shaun

    These straps are pretty much indestructible. Got two with my wide foot cargo mount and I keep finding new uses for them. Highly recommend!

  63. Ryan

    Great straps! They fit inside the loops on the back of my Brooks saddle. I use a pair just like them to strap my skis together.

  64. Chris Kneifl

    These things are so rad. I bought two to start out with and am going to purchase more, because they complement the liter cage so well. My Nalgene bottles fit in my liter cage just fine, but with the straps, I have no concerns about them slipping out if I’m on singletrack or rough terrain. They’re so durable and well made, that I can see them having a lot of other applications too.

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