Nalgene in LiterCage Side View

Stainless Steel Cage for Large Bottles
Made in USA

The Widefoot LiterCage™ allows you to carry your favorite bottles on your bike. Compatible with a variety of 3.5″ (89mm) diameter water bottles including those made by Nalgene and other top brands. Our unique 7-slot mounting bracket allows attachment at multiple positions on frames and forks with two-bolt, or three-bolt mounting systems. Full stainless steel construction provides durability, corrosion-resistance, and a secure hold. Choose from two finishes: Polished or Black. As with any type of coating, our Black option will show some wear over time in locations where bottles contact the cage.

For more information on installation and use, see Description below.
A list of compatible bottles is available in the LiterCage Fit Guide.

  • Note: Mint, Orange, and Purple have been discontinued

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Dealers we are currently experiencing high demand and cannot make these fast enough, we ask that you limit your order size so that everyone can stay in stock:

US Dealers: Please limit order to a total of 12 LiterCages. E.g. 6 Polished and 6 Black

International Dealers: In order to make high international shipping costs more economical, your order limit is higher, we ask that you please limit order to a total of 24 LiterCages. E.g. 12 Polished and 12 Black

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Voile Straps
Voile Straps

The Original Gear Strap
Made in USA

Voile Straps will securely hold your cargo where you need it. Strap down gear to your bike frame, handlebars, seat rails, or rack, or upgrade the existing straps on your cargo cage or pack. We’ve been carrying Widefoot-branded Voile straps since 2016, and they’ve become an essential part of our everyday kit. We’ve seen these straps used worldwide on ski trips and bikepacking expeditions, and for everyday uses from backyards to roof racks.

These straps will outperform and outlive the nylon webbing, straps, or cords you’re currently using. High performance polyurethane makes these straps durable, UV and moisture resistant, and workable in cold conditions. The slim-profiled buckles are forged of heat-treated aluminum and are both durable and lightweight.

For more information on use, see Description below.

Available in three sizes and four colors.


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Low-profile Cargo Rack
Made in USA

The original one-piece aluminum cargo carrier. The Widefoot CargoMount™ allows you to securely strap down a variety of bottles, smaller bags, and cylindrical objects to your bike frame or fork. Made of sturdy and lightweight aluminum, and available in Silver Anodized or Black Coated finish. Our unique 7-slot configuration allows you to fine tune your installation at multiple positions on frames and forks with three-bolt mounting systems. Weighing just 68g, it’s among the lightest cargo cages on the market.

Choose your CargoMount color, and optional pair of Voile Straps below.
Note: Mint, Orange, and Purple CargoMounts have been discontinued

For more information on installation and use, see Description below, and Voile Straps page.


Silver and Black CargoMounts are out of stock. To be notified when they are back in stock, please click here


Dealers: we apologize, we are currently out of black and silver CargoMounts in wholesale inventory. To be notified when CargoMounts are available, please enter your email address here


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Green capCAP

A Better Bottle Cap
by Humangear

The capCAP+ makes using a widemouth water bottle even better. An ergonomic spout allows you to drink spill-free, with a rubberized cap that is easy to grip even with gloves on. The widemouth base works great with most widemouth Nalgene bottles. A flexible strap keeps the two caps tethered while drinking. The new CapKeeper holds the small top cap back when you drink. This combination of features allows you to clean, fill, drink from, and carry your bottle with ease.

Available in 3 Colors: Black, Blue, and Green


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32oz Nalgene Woodsman
Nalgene Bottle

The Classic Widemouth Bottle
Made in USA

The perfect water bottle to keep you hydrated and hold up against bangs and bumps while not leaking a single drop. The iconic 32-ounce wide mouth Nalgene bottle hasn’t changed its design in decades for a reason. We love these bottles because the wide mouth opening is easy to drink from, add ice to, pour from, and keep clean.

Tritan Material
BPA, BPS, and Phthalate Free

Sustain Material
Nalgene’s brand new line of sustainable bottles are made with 50% recycled content and are BPA, BPS, and Phthalate Free

*All bottles are currently Tritan material, unless noted as Sustain in options below

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The Deuce Trowel
The Deuce Trowel

Lightweight Backcountry Trowel
Made in USA

Heavy-duty and lightweight trowel that’s the perfect tool for digging catholes on your overnight trips. This model is made of thicker aluminum, is more than twice as strong as other Deuce models, yet it still weighs only an ounce. Available in three colors: Black, Purple, and Orange. We always recommend following Leave No Trace principles for disposal of waste.

Weight: 0.97oz (27.6g)
Dimensions: 2.6” x 8”
Made in Colorado, USA by TheTentLab


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Widefoot Logo Sticker
Widefoot Logo Sticker

A large version of our classic Widefoot logo sticker on white vinyl.

  • 3.5” diameter
  • Screen printed, black ink on white all-weather vinyl
  • Made in USA


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Widefoot Logotype Stickers Group
Widefoot Logotype Sticker

Widefoot text logo printed in color on white vinyl.
Perfect for bumpers, water bottles, laptops and cargo boxes.

Durable weatherproof vinyl
 4.33″ x 1″
Made in USA

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Widefoot Patch
Widefoot Patch

Durable, embroidered patches featuring the Widefoot logo.

Sew-on Application
2.25″ Diameter
Made in USA

Available in two color ways:
Black / White – Embroidered Twill
Brown / Tan – Embroidered Felt

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Widefoot Bigfoot / Sasquatch Bikepacking
Bikepacking Vagabond Sticker

New sticker featuring the Widefoot Vagabond mascot bikepacking with bindle in hand. Printed in color on clear outdoor vinyl. The perfect size for a Nalgene bottle!
• 3″ x 4.5″
• Full color print
• Clear outdoor vinyl
• Made in USA

*Clear vinyl is shown as light blue in graphic

Check out the other Vagabond Stickers

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Nalgene Ultralight Bottle
Nalgene Ultralight Bottle

The Classic Widemouth Bottle
Made in USA

The lighter-weight cousin to the classic Nalgene bottle. Holds up against bangs and bumps while not leaking a single drop. Available in two sizes, as a 32-ounce bottle, and 48-ounce silo. We love the wide mouth design because they’re easy to drink from, add ice to, pour from, and keep clean.

HDPE Material
BPA, BPS, and Phthalate Free


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Nebraska the good life sticker
Nebraska Good Life Sticker

You've likely seen the old green highway signs on your rides across the plains, signaling your entrance into the Good Life.

Here's our favorite version, featuring the beloved throwback state slogan and iconic Chimney Rock. Measuring in at 5.5 inches wide, it's the perfect size for your water bottle, laptop, or bumper.

Durable weatherproof semi-gloss vinyl
 5.5″ x 2.14″
Made in USA

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